alkitronic alki TECHNIK GmbH

Who we are

Since the early 80s alki TECHNIK GmbH Germany has successfully developed and produced specialized bolting equipment for professional use in various industrial fields. The product range includes electric, pneumatic, hydraulic as well as manual systems. Modern technology and first-class quality have made alki TECHNIK GmbH a global leader.

The alkitronic products are used in all industrial sectors emphasizing on precision, reliability and quality. This includes power plants, chemical plants, mining, steel construction, heavy machine construction and new environmental technologies i.e. wind and wave energy. Our customers get on-site support through a world-wide service and distribution network. The alkitronic brand stands for high quality, repeatable and accurate equipment that lasts! We pride ourselves not only with our long standing relationships with our customers but also that of our trading partners. alkitronic embodies the classic characteristics of “Made in Germany” quality.

alki TECHNIK GmbH is still a family run business, the headquarter is located in Ingolstadt, Germany which is also home to the administration, distribution, development, assembly and service departments. alkitronic agencies can be found in 40 countries, represented by our own sales force or by trading partners.

Our values

alkitronic - ensures utmost precision and quality Made in Germany.

For more than 25 years, our solutions in torque technology provide safety and productivity in everyday life for 40 countries around the world. We create, design, produce and distribute our products from a single source. We provide exclusive service to our customers by creating solutions to meet their individual needs. Since the company's foundation, we rely on our core values: quality, development and family.

Quality - alkitronic delivers outstanding quality, repeatable tooling for applications combined with service which satisfies our customers' needs. Our torque wrenches achieve precise torque for reliable bolting. The quality of our products made in Germany is based on the high standards of development, production and sale. alkitronic products are reliable, robust and long-lasting.

Development - We are continuously looking for new innovative solutions in bolting technology. Even in the smallest details you can find know-how and technology from many years of experience of a global market leader. alkitronic innovations aim to increase productivity and efficiency to our customers by safer, easier and faster application of quality bolting.

Family - Our focus on partnership and cooperation is based on the mutually respectful interaction in the team. The alkitronic family is characterized by openness, confidence and tolerance. Our constant ability to learn something new as well as being open to changes strengthens the cohesion of the family and enables us and our customers to make a lasting impact in the future.

Our presence around the world