Who we are

ANIS Trend d.o.o. is an internationally known machine building company with its headquarters in Slovenia, European Union.

It has been developing, designing, manufacturing and selling wide range of:

- Auto-tie Channel Baling Presses for maximum waste material compression and their

- Feed Conveyors

- Sorting Lines for over 25 years.

Since 1994 the company has been growing continuously and has performed over 350 different installations around the world and have gained much experience within the field. On this foundation, we provide complete equipment for the management of communal, packaging, and industrial waste.

Today, our machines can be found in most parts of Europe, as well as in Middle East and Asia.

The philosophy »Innovation and reliability driven by experience« links together ANIS with business partners around the world. The factors behind ANIS’s success includes a philosophy which is consistently followed by the family behind the company and management. It encompasses the values of flexibility, quality, self-awareness and corporate social responsibility. Together, these values have developed into a shared understanding of how ANIS wishes to conduct itself both internally and in terms of its business partners.


Our values

ANIS is committed to preserving valuable materials. The processing of high-quality materials guarantees long-lasting products with a very low susceptibility to faults. Should faults occur, these can be quickly rectified through modern technology and telephone-based services in 85 % of cases. Intelligent technologies enable the highest level of product performance while conserving resources.

ANIS channel baling presses are:

-technologically advanced

-built with extra heavy construction


-made with attention to every detail with AutoCAD design and CNC machinery

-made with the best available components and materials

The components of the channel baler:

-The press is equipped with hydraulic components of high quality of well-known producers (Parker, Bucher, Poclain), PLC controler is SIEMENS simatic.

-Wear-resistant internal coating

-Wear-resistant plate coating – HARDOX – allowing to extend the machine’s service life.

-The hardox liners are bolted into the extrusion channel and compacting chambers and can be easily replaced.

After-sales Service
When choosing our products, companies can rely on our support at any time from the customized solution of each plant Our after-sales service support assist our customers to achieve productivity with minimal downtime

ANIS advantages:

For 40 years the ANIS engineers have been designing and manufacturing technologically innovative, reliable machines.

Our machines can be used in different environments thanks to the availability of both small balers ideal for logistic centers, and large ones ideal for landfill sites. The balers force can vary from 30 to 200 tons ram thrust with an output between 2 and over 60 ton/hour.

The bale sizes are: 75 x 75 cm; 110 x 75 cm or 110 x 110 cm

The main strengths of ANIS balers are:

-Baling flexibility and multi-materiality

-The machines can bale different types of materials.

-Cutting and compacting system

-The cutting and compacting system ensures high volume throughput.

-This procedure allows higher density per m³ compared to the press flap balers.

-Easy maintenance

-The horizontal wire tyer system makes easy the cleaning of the system and guarantees better operator safety.

The final result of our balers’ processing are the bales (treated, compacted, baled and wrapped waste) that play a vital role in optimizing logistics and transport costs.

In fact, the reduction in waste volume allows to cut down on transport costs, excluding the use of special vehicles in favour of normal ones such as trains or conventional trucks. Compacting volumes is moreover essential to double the landfill capacity, optimizing it.

The machines are certified and comply with quality and safety international standards.