Ansell Healthcare Europe NV

Who we are

Ansell has been protecting people for over 100 years. We have created specialised teams to focus on the personal protection needs of workers in many industries. Our employees are dedicated to developing solutions that are based on the hazardous conditions that workers face on the job every day.

Ansell is dedicated to worker safety: we provide a comprehensive range of gloves and clothing to meet all worker and product protection requirements.

Our values

Our mission is the solid base of what stakeholders recognize in Ansell: a trustworthy, reliable and high-performing solution-provider and partner. In order to achieve this, we conduct our business guided by these core values:

Integrity – We value doing what is right and ethical.

Trustworthiness – We value acting with respect, fairness and dependability.

Agility – We value responsiveness to customers and each other, openness to change and flexibility.

Creativity – We value inventiveness, innovation and new and divergent ways of thinking.

Passion – We value energy and excitement, commitment, drive and dedication.

Involvement – We value our team members’ input, influence and initiative.

Teamwork – We value collaboration and a sense of partnership, sharing and caring.

Excellence – We value a tenacious focus on results, accountability and goal achievement.