Who we are

Founded in 2002, Antípoda specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of intra-logistic equipment, boasting a complete range of conveyors for virtually every industrial aplication.

Antípoda’s strategy focuses on continuous growth and innovation, translating into an average annual growth of 26% over the last ten years.

Since 2008, Antípoda started its internationalization, now accounting for over 50% of total sales and growing.

Antípoda’s core strength lies in its technological team of engineers, designers and technicians with extensive experience in industrial equipment and solutions, and excellence in customer service and maintenance.

Our values


Develop effective industrial logistics solutions, friendly of the environment.

Provide a technical service in order to offer a competitive advantage to our clients.

Establish a sustainable value to the community, employees and shareholders.


Develop hight-tech innovative industrial logistic solutions, thatcreate value-added activities of our client’s and contribute to economic growth.


The key-concepts that define antípoda's position in the market are:
- Flexibility
- Partnership with clients
- Diversity and versatility of products
- Technical capacity

Environmental quality policy

- Fulfill every environmental legal requirements and other rules applicable to our business sector.
- Prevent pollution caused by our activities.
- Constantly improve the efficiency of our environment and quality management system.
- Promote competence development and communication among all of our cooperators
- Motivate our cooperators so they act in a competent and responsible way, according to our environmental principles
- Promote a culture based on actions taken to correct the causes of detected errors
- Provide products that guarantee every customer’s full satisfaction, adapted to their needs and expectations, fulfilling established requirements


- Our clients are our greatest commitment.
- Through innovation we bring good ideas to life.
- With integrity we manage social and environmental impacts of our business.
- In everything we do quality is our priority.
- The family business is our passion.
- The sense of responsibility leads us to a policy of sustained growth.
- Our employees are our success.

Human Resources

Antípoda's collaborators spirit is characterized by:
- Capacity of self-criticism
- Simplicity of behavior and respect for others
- Constant innovation
- Clients are our priority
- Priority in constant training.