Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A.

Who we are

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, leader for more than 30 years in security solutions against electrical storms, has revolutionized the sector by incorporating the Lightning & Earthing Smart Solutions concept.

Electrical storms are dangerous and sudden hazards that generate risks to both people and property. These risks can be minimized with classic lightning protection systems. However, intelligent solutions go further, collecting data, transmitting it via the communications network and processing it, so that new information is generated, for example:

The monitoring and information in real time of storm phenomena to avoid occupational risks

The control and verification of the state of a set of assets and installations, prior to failures or malfunctions

Operational control to organize maintenance tasks, or to avoid inefficient, dangerous or unexpected situations

Our areas of specialization include the research, development, manufacturing, commercialisation, installation and revision of:

Air Terminals and conductors | Surge Protective Devices | Storm Detectors | Supplies for Earthing Systems | Exothermic Welding

Our values

The continuous development of new products, services and processes is part of our DNA at Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, because quality customer service begins by offering innovative products that respond to the customer needs.

This clear commitment to R & D is materialized with more than 20% of our staff dedicated to research projects and 12% of the annual turnover re-invested over the last 10 years.