Arca Labeling Marking

Who we are

Arca produces high quality self-adhesive labelling machines and laser marking.

State-of-the-art solutions integrated with software for printing, validation and traceability designed for the manufacturing industry:

made to last guaranteeing productivity, reliability and safety.

Over 30,000 labellers and laser markers installed all over the world, Arca guarantees the best after-sales service thanks to three technical assistance offices in Milan, Rome and Padua and worlwide local partners.

The only Italian company in the business that counts on the know-how of its own label division among the most important companies in Europe:

this is the reason Arca offers the best solutions too.

If you want the guarantee of best results rely on Arca

Our values

A company that is consistently committed to perfecting its products: advanced machinery that is strictly EC certified, complete user manuals, serious and accurate risk analyses. Solid, durable products specially designed for the manufacturing industry. At Arca, we’re geared towards research, investing approximately 5% of our net earnings in R&D, depositing at least one new patent every year. Our ISO 9001 certified quality system (covering engineering design, production and sales) is based on modern production processes, inspired by theories of “lean production” and total quality. A flexible organization that works hard to satisfy customers, with a clear vision and precise mission.
Specializing in laser marking and labeling, Arca has based its success on a broad network of distributors, active in five continents, operating as systems integrators. Arca machines are technologically advanced and perfected by standardization, sold worldwide by packaging and identification specialists who are close to their customers and understand their needs, customizing, installing and providing servicing support