Who we are

Since its establishment in 2010, ArcBro has been committed to the field of welding and cutting special machines and robot integration. Our belief has always been "to make work easier". At present, our products have entered more than 170 countries around the world, with global coverage Manufacturing, distribution, sales and technical support network.

After years of technical precipitation, ArcBro can provide high-quality value-added services to customers in the machining, steel processing, shipbuilding, bridge and automotive industries around the world.

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Whatsapp: + 8617610780535


Our values

Since its establishment, we have been committed to providing customers with the most competitive welding and cutting solutions

1. Full HD plasma solution

2. One-stop service from entry-level to professional, from metal plate to metal pipe

ArcBro is moving forward in the summary and harvest. The products are integrated with the latest technology in the world. The equipment developed has helped global partners realize production automation, production line automation, improve production efficiency, reduce product defect rate, and enhance product competitiveness.

Our presence around the world