Arel Interlocks

Who we are

For over 50 years the AREL® brand is present in the design and production of mechanical and electromechanical interlocking systems for for MT/AT electric implants for the energy, industry, rail, oil & gas sectors and any maintenance procedures.

The AREL® brand is widely recognized as a reference in the market of mechanical and electromechanical interlocks. Quality and flexibility in producing customized solutions are the strong points that have made us in Italy synonymous with interlocking and gained a steady growth in international markets.

Frigo Tullio has founded NEW AREL Srl in April 2013 as a natural evolution of a multi-year leadership. New Arel, following the know-how mastered during the course of years, today can count on the professionalism of its highly qualified collaborators. From designers to technicians, from testers to operators, the company operates with competence and expertise with the objective to guarantee systems capable of preventing accidents caused by human errors. We are qualified as suppliers of the main producers of plants for the production and the distribution of electric energy and of the rail sector.

Our values

"A safer industry"

We protect people, plant and equipment supporting the design and implementation of harmless/safe processes and working spaces while safeguarding our customers businesses productivity.

"Your Safety Partner. We protect people, plants and equipments"

We understand our clients needs supporting them to identify the best strategies for plants safety maintenance procedures.
We transform safety maintenance procedures into interlocking systems by desiging custom built solutions.
We produce and deliver worldwide Italian high quality safety products.