Argal Pumps

Who we are

Argal Pumps® boasts forty years of activity in the invention and production of pumps made of thermoplastic material, compounds and corrosion-resistant metal alloys. During the past decade, significant efforts were directed to research and development on the entire production and such an effort resulted in pump ranges completely new or renovated both in terms of mechanics and hydraulics systems.

Today the company has a wide range of pumps in various constructions for industrial applications with temperatures from -40°c to +130°c with load capacity up to 1600 mc/h over 100 meters. Argal® also offers the most complete Italian range of AODD pumps (from 1/4" to 4") with metallic or plastic solutions to satisfy the most various market demand.

All is certified ISO 9001:2000 according to Vision ISO 9001:2000 rule. We strongly want to offer a wide production program with high-quality pumps at real competitive prices.

Our values

Our main mission is a continuous and constant technological improvement, along with the path of innovation instead of emulation, with the aim to always offer the best technical performance and engineering obtaining the leadership in performance while providing appropriate responses to the needs of market dynamics realising a state-of-art quality.

Our presence around the world