Who we are

Ascon Tecnologic is an Italian company that develops, manufactures and commercializes a complete range of products for the regulation and automation of machinery and systems in the manufacturing and processing sectors as well as that of industrial and commercial refrigeration.
The group Ascon Tecnologic has more than 200 employees and, in its productive plants, realizes every year over a million of instruments.
Ascon Tecnologic operates in over 50 countries with four branches, its own agents and a distribution network, offering clients sales and after-sales assistance.

Our values

Our vision is to become the reference for control and automation in Europe.
Our mission is to develop the customer base through an approach based on "Partnership".
In fact, only the sharing of objectives allows to find the best solutions that can generate competitive advantage sought by customers.
Our guiding values ​​are innovation and quality, elements necessary to building lasting value through the exploitation of persons, in respect for ethics and the environment.
We want employees and partners are proud to be part of this company, that competitors respect us and that customers are fully satisfied with our product and our service.
In order for this to happen we must have great attention outward, developing the ability to identify and meet both obvious and latent needs of customer.
We are confident that thanks to our enthusiasm, our teamwork and our values, this will be possible.
Sharing this vision on the part of all is the basis on which to build the future of our Company.
All this is contained in our tagline: "EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL".