ASTOS Machinery

Who we are

ASTOS Machinery offers complete solutions for chip and swarf material management.

We manufacture chip handling conveyors, integrated conveyor systems for stamping facilities and pressworks as well as coolant filtration units.

We supply conveyors tailored to customer requirements in wide range of designs including scraper conveyor,wire conveyor, rubber belt conveyor, magnetic conveyor with both ferrite and neodymium magnets and hinged steel belt conveyor in various widths and strenghts.

ASTOS has the expertise to identify the most cost effective solution and design, fabbricate and deliver turnkey systems. Our products enjoy a reputation of durability and reliability. The metal transport conveyors are frequently reinforced with hardox.

ASTOS Machinery is the holder of several exclusive patent rights and industrial design rights e.g. carousel conveyor.

We supply not only separate conveyors but also sofisticated conveyor systems for scrap material handling. Such conveyors systems include several conveyors, rotary chutes to separate diverse materials e.g. alluminium, steel, stainless steel chips. These chips can be further crushed and briqueted and transported to different containers. The whole system is programmed and interconnected through PLC system with tool machines or presses.

The filtration units we supply the most are the belt filters with the filtration fabric / paper. These belt filters can be fitted with magnetic and oil separators. More sofisticated filtration units which we supply to the CNC machinery manufacturers are Drum filtration units with higher output/min but with smaller layout. These can be fitted with gradual warming and cooling of the coolant agent, transfer flow tanks, rinsing unit etc.

Our values

Thanks to the combination of experience and innovation, ASTOS Machinery has managed to establish relationhip of mutual cooperation with various multinational companies not only in Europe but also in South and North America.

Our products enjoy a reputation of durability and reliability and therefore ASTOS Machinery is the choice of companies needing to save time and money in their production processes.