AstroNova GmbH

Who we are

AstroNova® offers a complete line-up from industry-leading tabletop printers to high-volume presses and the widest variety of label materials. Our consultative approach identifies the best solutions for our customers by leveraging our years of application knowledge, print technology, and media expertise supported by technical professionals.
Our Brands:
- QuickLabel® , pioneer in the on-site label printing industry, leads the field in tabletop label printers for on-demand color labels.
- TrojanLabel® is the innovative leader in the professional label press and specialty printing industry offering both standard products and custom OEM solutions.
- GetLabels® offers everything you need to print the most beautiful and durable labels for your products offers.

Custom Consultations
- Printer Systems/Hardware
Our printing professionals will provide one-on-one product demonstrations via remote demos to review your labeling needs and print your label in real-time. They can advise on the best combination of printing systems, accessories, supplies, or software for your business.

- Labels/Media
Our dedicated media specialists know label materials and are available to review the best options for your business, product, and budget.

- Customer Service
Customers first! We are here to assist with orders, questions, or concerns.

Our values

Over 50 years experience with AstroNova Aerospace, Test & Measurement and Product Identification worldwide, and over 30 years locations in Europe.
We make it easy for businesses to print their own product labels in-house and on-demand: flexibly, efficiently and quickly!