Who we are

ATEQ is the world number one supplier of automatic leak testing machines & leak test systems for assembly lines or laboratories.

45 years after its creation, ATEQ is now a 170 M€ company with offices in 37 countries selling and servicing more than 150,000 leak testers installed in more than 5,000 customers worldwide.

From its position as the world leader in Leak Testing technologies for assembly lines, ATEQ has developed a whole range of industrial quality control equipment ranging from electrical testers to pressure and flow calibrators as well as pressure and flow calibration services traceable to all international standards.

ATEQ TPMS, a division of ATEQ, is the leading manufacturer of TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) diagnostic tools and solutions, chosen by Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Aftermarkets, OEMs and Assembly Lines and used by the broadest spectrum of customers globally. As the number one supplier of TPMS tool solutions, ATEQ sells and services to more than 50,000+ customers worldwide.

ATEQ also has developed a wide and complete range of products for aviation manufacturing and maintenance:

Automated Pitot/Static testers for indoor use (laboratory & workshop) or outdoor use (hangar & tarmac). ADSE can control all pressure dependent on-board equipment: altimeters, anemometers, variometers, pressure sensors, air data calculators, etc. Our instruments are extremely accurate, user friendly, reliable, and can be easily customized

Battery tester with a large range of powers according to battery CMMs

Bonding & Loop Resistance Tester for electrical continuity on standard and composite aircrafts

Our values

45 years ago, ATEQ was built on a vision that made us a global leader in industrial testing equipment:


45 years later, it surprises me that we are still very few in this industry to think that way especially since this vision has propelled us as the reference in the industry with all the car manufacturers and their suppliers as customers.

Our presence around the world