Who we are

Founded in 2005, Athesi is a French company based in Bry Sur Marne (94). Made up of a team of experts, active in the market of automatic identification and professional mobility since 1990.

Our goal has always been to provide our customers with a new and relevant approach.

This is why, Athesi first started its activity by being an importer and representative of Asian manufacturers not present then on the French territory. Thus, in direct connection with the R & D and production plants of our manufacturing partners, we were able to quickly offer you unequaled responsiveness and offer innovative products. By relying on a short supply circuit and a repair shop in France, we have always guaranteed solutions (products and services) in total adequacy with business imperatives at the functional as well as the economic level. Our will is to go further and further.

Constantly attentive to the needs of our customers and strong of our experience, it is quite naturally that we have taken another step in the objective to complete our range imported by our own range of products and thus to bring you always more relevant and innovative choices.

Athesi is a manufacturer / designer of mobile equipment for professionals. Leader in the field of professional mobility, the main mission of Athesi is to offer you a very complete range of equipment and associated services in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of your company. We provide products with technologies for managing intervention management, traceability and data collection applications. We support you in your digital migration with a unique offer of customizable materials that meet all the needs of mobility trades (tablets, terminals, PDAs, smartphones hardened ...).

Since its creation, Athesi remains an independent and French company with equity. Accounts that have been published since the beginning, are growing steadily with a growing customer portfolio. This good financial health is officially recognized by the Banque de France and Coface.

Our values

Innovative products: Athesi is resolutely turned towards the future by anticipating your requests and your needs. We have often been the first to put on the market innovative products both in terms of functionality and ergonomics (the smallest industrial PDA or the first hardened smartphone ...). We offer a unique range of products with different operating systems (Microsoft, Google), various ergonomics (tablets, smartphones hardened, PDA, scanners, guns, handhelds ...).

Choice of options: We find it unfortunate to charge our customers a function that would be of no use in their job. That's why, on all our products, we allow you to integrate or not options such as: barcode reader (laser 1D or Imager 1D / 2D), RFID reader (NFC, HF, UHF), 3G or 4G LTE ...

Factory customization service: Depending on the size of your projects, you have access to our "customization" service to study the possible modifications and adaptations of our equipment but also their OS and firmware. This service also offers tailor-made solutions for specific factory preparations (installation of masters, custom packaging, labeling, ...) allowing you to optimize the supply chain and thus save you time and money.

Technical support in France: Athesi offers you a dedicated and free technical support to assist you in the proper use of our products. We can also help you prepare masters to facilitate your deployments.

Maintenance workshops in France: In our market, few companies carry out product repairs in France. We attach great importance to having our own maintenance workshops in order to guarantee a high level of services and a perfectly controlled deadline. Based in France, our repair shops are composed of teams of engineers and specialized technicians who are able to repair all the technical anomalies. Our service personnel is in regular contact with R & D, which allows a constant qualitative evolution of our products. We offer you an offer of standard service contracts or customized to meet the requirements of certain trades.

Maintenance outside France: For deployments abroad, Athesi is able to certify third-party maintainers in the countries concerned to guarantee local maintenance.

High durability: One of the first assets of our equipment is their very long life cycle which on average is 5 years of commercial life, and at the end a minimum of 3 years of continuity of service. In fact, unlike the mass-market products that are renewed every year, we make sure that your return on investment is in line with the product's life cycle. The return rate of our products in use is very low (2 to 3 times lower than the competition), which explains why the price of our service contracts is also lower than that of our competitors. Therefore, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of our products over the amortization period (acquisition cost + maintenance cost) is the most interesting of the market.

Our presence around the world