AWAS International GmbH

Who we are

We are – AWAS International GmbH, experts for an innovative industrial effluent water treatment systems. 
Our expertise is emerged due to a careful research and development of the latest technology solutions in the field of industrial, storm and circulating effluent treatment in many industries. Since 1978, we have been developing unique wastewater systems and consulting our clients regarding the appropriate choice of wastewater systems. 
Core competencies of AWAS include separation of floating matter and particles, emulsion splitting, new nano-flotation technology and individual service water recycling technology. 
We manufacture and supply numerous international companies, therefore we are present in various countries, like Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Aserbaidschan, Malaysia, Cameroon, and South Africa. 
Feel comfortable to trust your industrial waste water treatment challenges to AWAS and benefit from an innovative optimal application, a high-quality consulting throughout the project while reducing capital costs.

    Our values

    We stand for innovation, creativity, analytical power and have ability to perform. In our hearts dominates the compassion for our fellow human beings and a mutual and healthy environment. When developing our innovative sewage technology, we rely on physical, quantum physical and biophysical process technology, while largely avoiding the use of chemicals.

    Our philosophy goes far beyond the technical aspects of our work. As a modern company AWAS faces its social and environmental responsibility too.

    Our presence around the world