Who we are

AXOR INDUSTRIES® represents an important reference in the European panorama of manufacturers of servo drives and brushless servo motors for high-performance robotics, plant & machinery.

On the market since 1988, the year of its foundation, it is now furnished with a completely new range of technically innovative products, underscored by an excellent combination of price, size and performance.

What’s more it is important to note Axor’s product & service continuity: products since 1988 can still be supplied or repaired. All processes are in-house, from reverse engineering, design and prototyping, through to manufacturing, sales and after-sales support. AXOR INDUSTRIES has gained a longstanding experience in designing standard and customer-specific solutions that generate added value for plant & machine builders.

Our values

Mission: We are sure our customers know their job, so we aim to be the means for them to achieve success and excellence through leading edge technology, optimized performance to price ratio easy installation and reliability.

Vision: In Axor Ind. all individuals can contribute their different potential towards a common goal in a chain of supply that is the success of an end-user. Each of us can aspire to goals of excellence, perfection and fulfillment. Together we can achieve these goals.