Baruffaldi Plastic Technology

Who we are

Since it was established in 1953 Baruffaldi Srl has created a solid reputation at an international level as a manufacturer of extrusion tools and extrusion lines for plastics, automatic in-line and off-line machines for PVC profiles, PVC, aluminium and steel roller shutters, cable and installation ducts for the electrical industry as well as for special machines made to spec and turnkey projects. Today with the Primac brand name, it also builds machines for processing smooth and corrugated pipes in PP, PE and PVC.

By meeting the highest standards of the international market we make sure our products satisfy the technical requirements of leading companies around the world.

Extrusion Equipment for all types of plastic – world leadership in high productivity!

Assembling machines for PVC and aluminium roller shutters – in-line and off-line

Punchng equipment for cable and installation ducts – in-line and off-line. The world’s top technology!

Punching and milling machines for technical and building industry profiles

Cutting units for profiles – Baruffaldi patented system

Cold blade and hot blade guillotines for all types and sizes of profiles – no burrs and no dust

Calibration and Cooling tanks for smooth and corrugated pipes in PE, PP and PVC

Cooling tanks with drying, haul-offs, cutting units, welding machines that add welding material and weld by friction for corrugated pipes in PE and PP.

Special machines for pipes: slotting machines for corrugated pipes (PE/PP) and PVC pipes, in line perforating machines for corrugated pipes (PE), in and off line machines for covering pipes in filter materials

Extrusion lines and turnkey plants

Services: design, training, after sales service & telephone help lines, maintenance and spare parts

Our values

For more details please visit our website, and download the technical data sheets in the download section.

We will be happy to welcome you to our premises or to fix a meeting at your company premises to get to know each other face to face and to discuss any new projects.