Who we are

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES develops, manufactures and markets components and systems for the treatment and management of compressed air and compressed gas. The independent family-owned company with headquarters in Neuss was founded in 1982 and today has an international presence with more than 550 employees and 14 branches worldwide. The competence and service spectrum ranges from the treatment of compressed air and compressed gas by filtration and drying to proven condensate technology, individual engineering, modern measurement technology and IoT-supported management of compressed air systems.

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES advises manufacturing companies in all sectors to find the optimum solution for their compressed air treatment and to ensure compliance with the required quality and energy efficiency in the process. Social commitment and the obligation to act in a socially responsible manner are firmly anchored in the corporate history and values of BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.

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Our values

For more than three decades now, our name has been synonymous with high-performance compressed-air and compressed-gas technology, tried and tested all over the world. It is synonymous with quality made in Germany – and values made by BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.

Our presence around the world