Who we are

Béné Inox has been specialising in stainless steel industrial fluid processes for over 40 years.

We support professionals in the food, cosmetics, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, wine and water treatment industries.

Béné inox offers more than 60,000 references, complying with ISO, ANSI, SMS, DIN, CLAMP, MACON and other standards.

From standard to made-to-measure products, our perfect knowledge of the industrial environment means we can assess your needs and supply you with the components you need to optimize your fluid processes, whatever your sector of activity.

Béné Inox has a wide range of products for stainless steel networks:

◼ Pipe fittings, valves and accessories
◼ Manual and Motorized valves
◼ Non-welded connections
◼ Measurement and instrumentation
◼ Piping / Support
◼ Fasteners and stainless steel fixing elements

To facilitate the design of your projects, we offer more than 35,000 references modelled in over 90 CAD download formats in our 3D components library.

For the full range of Béné Inox products, visit:
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a quotation, a catalogue or any other technical information.

Our values

Our aim is to simplify, optimize and enhance the security of your supply processes.

Our experience and high standards enable us to support professionals in the food, cosmetics, chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, wine and water treatment sectors, etc.

As a specialist in fluid processes, we offer a tailored, customized range based on more than 60,000 references to meet all the needs of manufacture