Boix Maquinaria S.L.

Who we are

Boix is your box forming partner!

Boix is high standard manufacture for tray forming machines since the end of the sixties. They have a wide product range in tray formers which can be used to form and glued both corrugated and solid board packaging. Their tray forming machines can be used for various industries like the agricultural market and food industry.

Boix has already more than 45 years of experience in these markets which has been supported by their continuous investment in R+D and high service level at their headquarters in Spain and other offices in Europe, Asia, North-Central and South America to supply the world. Boix is worldwide leader in tray erecting machines for the food industry and agriculture markets with more than 8.500 machines spread over 83 countries.

Boix is very proud to have their own state of the art factory in San Isidro, Alicante in Spain with their own galvanisation baths, steel processing hall and high standards assembly line to provide and guaranty the customer the best quality of tray forming machines.

Customers choose Boix because of the high quality and reliable machinery besides the low maintenance costs and high service level.

Our values

After more than 45 years our company still has all the values that characterize a family business: closeness, dedication, effort and integrity.
Innovative: We are committed to implementing  our own Engineering Department, where we design all our machine models.

This also allows us to evaluate the best alternatives for components and materials in order to provide them with the right technologically advanced solutions for their needs.

Responsible: We encourage business practices that add value and improve sustainability by reducing waste and focussing on recycling.

We are constantly making efforts to improve our facilities, in order to make them more energy efficient.

Honest: We manufacture machines based on our own design and development, using our own patents and utility models.

We guarantee and respect the utmost confidentiality in all matters relating to our customers and their products.

Committed: Our commitment is based on a strong work ethic that strictly complies with the law, as well as with the principles and standards of Boix Group.

We are company-committed people. All our efforts are aimed at ensuring the safety and health of our employees, and this is why we have introduced a system of best practices along with our prevention plan.

Efficient:  Ours is an effective and dynamic organization, with an interdepartmental structure that allows us to perfect our processes and resources.

We adhere very strictly to the order applied to the management of resources, people and facilities.

All our decisions are focussed on the optimization of corporate organization.

Personal guidance: Staff and Collaborators: We are well aware that our main asset is “human capital” , and, thanks to the sum of knowledge, effort and talent of everyone involved, we have managed to achieve our goals and objectives.

Suppliers: We firmly believe that our relationship is fundamentally based on respect, cooperation, transparency and teamwork. Our common goal is “customer satisfaction”.

Customers: Another of our main objectives is to be able to understand what our customers value most and to focus on giving them that value in everything we do.

Our presence around the world