Bomaksan Industrial Air Filtration Systems

Who we are

Bomaksan is a dynamic and eco-friendly company in the HVAC sector since 1986, known for its innovative approach and long-term customer partnerships. It has expanded into the Industrial Ventilation, Gas Treatment, and Filtration sector, responding to the rising environmental consciousness and global warming concerns. The company produces Dust Collection, Gas Treatment, and Filtration devices, excelling in solving dust, gas, and fume issues in industrial facilities with products like Jet-Pulse filters, centrifugal fans, and cyclones. It adheres to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 standards, continuously advancing its R&D for sustained success.

Our values


Protecting Our World

Bomaksan focuses on developing accessible and advanced filtration technologies to support sustainable production, aiming to leave a cleaner world for future generations through eco-friendly and energy-efficient practices.

Unity and Family

We view our employees and their families as integral members of the Bomaksan family, prioritizing their interests and sharing successes together.

Embracing Growth

At Bomaksan, continuous learning and development are key. We provide ample opportunities for our family members to grow and improve.

Upholding Ethical Standards

We adhere to laws, human rights, and business ethics, ensuring honest and people-oriented management as our core value.

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment is to maintain high standards in our products, solutions, and services, aiming to provide clean air and better working conditions through the right actions, not the easy ones.

Participatory and Responsible Management

We foster a management style that encourages open expression, contribution to solutions, and shared responsibility for outcomes, embracing both successes and failures.

Innovation for a Better Future

Believing clean air is a human right, we are dedicated to innovating accessible technologies for all, focusing on energy efficiency and the development of sustainable products in our R&D efforts.

Mutual Respect and Cooperation

As Bomaksan employees, we operate with respect, cooperation, and honesty, valuing diversity and individuality, and standing united in decisions and actions.