BRIO Ultrasonics

Who we are

For more than 30 years now, the BRIO Ultrasonics team has been engaged in designing, manufacturing and in the national and international sales of ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

From the beginning, we have been strongly customer oriented, focussed on satisfying the cleaning, hygiene and disinfection needs of our customers, developing solutions and specific applications for every sector. Always with an R&D&I approach and a constant preoccupation with reducing the impact on the environment and the energy costs of our equipment.

Our values

BRIO Ultrasonics® is the result of years of research and constant improvement in the field of ultrasonic cleaning. A technology with many advantages and innovations and a name that represents our values of ruggedness, reliability, energy efficiency and superior cleaning results.

We manufacture for companies around the world: Norway, United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Portugal and Morocco are just some of the countries where we have exported our equipment for renowned clients in all sectors.

Our objective is to provide cleaning, disinfection and hygiene solutions to all companies that require them at any location, ensuring that our exclusive ultrasonic cleaning technology reaches every client regardless of their origin or sector.