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ROTOTHERM GROUP “Excellence the World can Measure”

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Rototherm Group specialises in providing process instrumentation solutions for the measurement of Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Level and Density. Our extensive product portfolio includes: Mechanical & Electronic Recorders, Multi-Stage/Orifice Plates, Non-Invasive Level and Liquid Detection, Bespoke Temperature Assemblies, Switches & Minifolds, Temperature & Pressure Gauges, Eurotherm Paperless Recorders/Indicators & Loma Systems/Lock Inspection Metal Detection, Checkweighing and X-Ray Systems. We also offer services, repairs and on-site training. With over 170 years of manufacturing and in-house knowledge coupled with technical and on-site expertise, Rototherm's wide product and service range means that it can provide complete solutions to any measurement or control requirement. Rototherm Group is an instrumentation and control manufacturer supplying products into more than 90 countries across the globe each year with a strong regional presence worldwide, thanks to our regional offices in Singapore and Australia, approaching Rototherm´s products to its growing customer base within the following main industries: - Oil & Gas - Heat Treatment - Power Generation - Food & Beverage - Waste/Water - Defence - Refining & Petrochemical - Transport - Medical - Dairy - Aerospace.

Our values

"Our mission is to provide world class customer service, giving our customers the right solutions for their applications in the fastest possible way, delivered through a simple and lean operation, and maintained by continuous development of our employees´skills and knowledge."

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