C. van't Riet Dairy Technology BV

Who we are

Welcome to C. van ‘t Riet dairy equipment BV

C. van 't Riet dairy equipment BV designs, manufactures and installs equipment for the processing of dairy products. From milk storage to setting up a complete production facility, from concept to commissioning. A wide variety of equipment for the production of cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream or other dairy products. In addition to standard equipment, we also provide tailor-made solutions to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Founded in 1888, our company is well known for quality, reliability and service. Our customers can count on advice and involvement. As a specialist in dairy equipment, we are happy to inform you about our machines and everything you want to know about dairy processing. C. van 't Riet dairy equipment BV helps you to fully control and optimize your entire dairy production process.

Our values

The mission of C. van ‘t Riet dairy equipment BV is to provide you with a top-quality machine and support; value for money. Our machines and turnkey solutions are designed for high reliability and low-cost maintenance.