Who we are


With 50 years of history behind it, Campisa is the leader in the loading bay equipment, fire-rated gates and high-speed doors sectors. Thanks to its numerous industrial patents, Campisa has always distinguished itself for its innovative hydraulic motors, for the quality of its products which are maintenance-free.

Innovation has always characterized Campisa's activities; right from the outset, the company invested in an internal division dedicated to Research and Development, which is the constant driving force behind the innovation of products and production processes. Thanks to robotized production and the high performance of its equipment, Campisa can apply the highest organisational and productivity standards ensuring maximum safety, quality and global service that can meet all logistical requirements.

Campisa's commitment to Continuous Quality Improvement, from the design phase to post sale services is also attested by the ISO 9001 quality certification. All of Campisa's products conform to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the specific product standards; moreover, Campisa operations closely adhere to all the applicable rules and regulations for exporting its products to countries in the EU and outside the EU.

Campisa produces and sells (under the Campisa and the Campisa Components and FIDELITY brands) a vast range of equipment for loading bays such as dock levellers, sectional gates, shelter seals, fire-rated vertically sliding gates, high-speed roll-up and folding doors and fire-rated sectional gates. Campisa is a leading supplier of hydraulic systems for lifting sectional gates. It can supply complete gates or just the hydraulic lifting system (supplied by the new Campisa Components division).

All of Campisa's products are designed for safe movement, guaranteeing maximum productivity for users in various sectors such as, for example, distribution centres, industry in general, but also metropolitan underground transport and condominium car parks. A focus on the environment and on efficiency: this is the distinctive characteristic of all of Campisa's loading bays.

Our values

Campisa is based in Palazzolo Milanese where it develops, coordinates and supports:

Research and development

Procurement of raw materials, semi-finished products and components

Production processes

Marketing and communication

Sales and post sales support for the whole distribution network and for independent distributors

Thanks to a dedicated team of expert technicians, Campisa is also able to provide its customers with a vast range of post sale services such as: consulting, repairs, overhaul, installation and technical training services.