Who we are

SI.MA. was founded in 2002. Since its beginning, it played an important role in designing and manufacturing equipment for lifting, unwinding and handling bobbins in wood, PVC, cardboard with copper and electric wires, cord, optic fibres, steel cables, pneumatic and hydraulic hose, and coils of loose or packed cables.

SI.MA.’s mission is to provide our customers with modern, effective and long-lasting products. All products comply with strict quality and safety standards imposed by the company.

SI.MA.’s products are available in Italy, France, Australia, Brasil, Austria, Spain and Finland. In addition, we are able to ship our goods all over the world.

The Company for years profess of Design and the sale of equipment to lift, carry and handle wooden reels, PVC, cardboard, copper load cable, electric, Telephone, optical fiber, steel cable, pneumatic hose, hydraulic Over a hanks of cable bulk or packed.

From January 2019 SI.MA company was bought by CANFOR UTENSILI.

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