Carl Zeiss Microscopy

Who we are

Carl Zeiss Microscopy is part of the Carl Zeiss group, a leading organization of companies operating worldwide in the optical and optoelectronical industry.

ZEISS is known across the globe for high-quality microscopes with superior lenses and outstanding optical performance. With ZEISS products in your quality laboratory, you can count on reliable results – day in, day out. They are simple to operate, even for inexperienced users. And thanks to their high degree of automation, ZEISS microscopes will reduce your operating costs with more efficient sample throughput. Fully automated system solutions are user-independent, leaving you free to concentrate on what you see while they generate highly precise, reproducible results.

Investigate metals, non-metals, composite materials, plastics, ceramics and biomaterials. Quantify structures and objects. Analyze microscopic images and document your findings. Benefit from an extensive range of methods and systems for use in development, production, and quality inspections:

- Light microscopes provide you with information on color, morphology, structure, texture and dimensions. 

- With X-ray microscopes, you can see inside your materials in 3D and 4D – non-destructively and in high resolution.

- Electron microscopes give you additional information on composition and the individual elements present.

- Correlative microscopy is a powerful technique for combining the complementary attributes of different microscopic techniques to obtain maximum meaningful information from parts or materials samples. Shuttle & Find is the ZEISS correlative microscopy interface, designed specifically for use in materials analysis and industrial QA.

Use ZEISS microscopy imaging solutions for applications such as:

- Industrial quality assurance / quality control
- Optical inspection and documentation
- Optical measurements
- Failure analysis / metallography
- Particle analysis / technical cleanliness
- Surface characterization
- Non-destructive 3D imaging

Our values

Microscope systems by Carl Zeiss are much more than just hardware and software. A dedicated and well-trained sales force, an extensive support infrastructure and a responsive service team enable customers to use their ZEISS instruments to their full potential.

Because the ZEISS microscope system is one of your most important tools, we make sure it is always ready to perform. What’s more, we’ll see to it that you are employing all the options that get the best from your microscope. You can choose from a range of service products, each delivered by highly qualified ZEISS specialists who will support you long beyond the purchase of your system. Our aim is to enable you to experience those special moments that inspire your work.

Attain maximum uptime with your microscope. A ZEISS Protect Service Agreement lets you budget for operating costs, all the while reducing costly downtime and achieving the best results through the improved performance of your system. Choose from service agreements designed to give you a range of options and control levels. We’ll work with you to select the service program that addresses your system needs and usage requirements, in line with your organization’s standard practices.

Our service on-demand also brings you distinct advantages. ZEISS service staff will analyze issues at hand and resolve them – whether using remote maintenance software or working on site.

Your ZEISS microscope system is designed for a variety of updates: open interfaces allow you to maintain a high technological level at all times. As a result you’ll work more efficiently now, while extending the productive lifetime of your microscope as new update possibilities come on stream.