Who we are

Finishing Solutions for the Global Market

Carlisle Fluid Technologies (CFT), manufactures and supplies Industrial Spray Finishing Equipment. CFT has locations in Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Carlisle Fluid Technologies five brands - DeVilbiss, Binks, MS, Ransburg, and BGK provide the latest in cutting edge spray finishing technologies for multiple coatings and applications (liquid and powder). DeVilbiss, Binks, MS, Ransburg and BGK have over 350 combined years in meeting your finishing application needs.


The culture of DeVilbiss, MS, Ransburg, BGK and Binks is rooted in developing commercial finishing innovation. Many of the product success stories begin on-site, where customer needs are most apparent. Thanks to our finishing expertise and our customer focused approach, we are equipped to provide practical and time sensitive solutions to the most complex situations. The seasoned workforce intimately understands the manufacturing challenges facing customers and develops finishing solutions to meet customer needs.

Global manufacturing and R&D

Facilities are located in Europe, USA, Australia, Switzerland, Brazil, China, Japan and Mexico with long established Distributors serving all Countries around the World. We manufacture and supply a wide range of Spray Finishing Equipment and Accessories. Incorporating the world leading Brands of Binks, DeVilbiss, MS, BGK and Ransburg producing cutting edge technology Spray Finishing Equipment for the application of all sprayed materials for all major manufacturing Industries and Markets.

Our values

Manufactures low pressure manual and automatic spray guns and related spraying accessories; including air filter reducing valves and regulators, operator breathing systems, spray gun cups, hoses and other equipment for the Industrial Finishing Markets. DeVilbiss is widely recognised for the development and introduction of the first “Compliant” spray guns, which greatly reduce overspray and VOC’s into the environment. An expertise in ergonomics and innovative spray gun design is widely acclaimed.

Manufactures low and high pressure manual and automatic spray guns, accessories, airless and air assisted airless spray painting outfits; high and low pressure fluid handing pumps and regulators, pressure feed tanks, 2K electronic paint mixing machines and paint circulating systems for the industrial finishing and automobile manufacturing markets. A pioneer in spray finishing technology which includes the development and introduction of the world’s first “stand alone” HVLP spray guns.

Ransburg is the acknowledged global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of manual and automatic electrostatic finishing products, providing spray finishing solutions to the key industrial and automobile manufacturing markets. Ransburg continues to refine the most efficient electrostatic spray painting technology, delivering a “Class A” finish to each and every customer’s product, whilst reducing VOC emissions by providing excellent transfer efficiency and atomisation.


We are specialists in powder coating systems and booth equipment. Its market leading components and solutions are recognised throughout the world for their quality, efficiency and durability. Advanced bespoke systems are tailor-made for each customer using MS’ high quality and trusted components. From manual and automatic guns to fully automated horizontal and vertical powder coating lines, MS has the technology and experience to provide hard working solutions for the most challenging customer requirements.


BGK’s precision-engineered solutions offer curing capabilities for a full range of coatings including liquid, powder, wax, UV and adhesives. Our solutions can be found all across the globe and in a wide variety of industrial settings.

Our presence around the world