By Carpel

Who we are

By Carpel designs, manufactures and sells accessories for overhead cranes, cranes and hoisting equipment all over the world, providing operators in the sector, manufacturers and people in charge for maintenance with a complete range of extremely high-quality products, easy to install and available for prompt delivery.

Founded in 1969, By Carpel is an historical artisan firm located in the province of Lecco which, thanks to the quality of its products and excellence of its service has established a presence in over 80 Countries around the world. Thanks to more than 45 years experience in the overhead crane sector, today By Carpel is the artisan firm leading in this field, with a universal reputation for its quick deliveries and the quality of its accessories for overhead cranes, typically “made in Italy”. These aspects make By Carpel the benchmark for people in charge for maintenance and installation of overhead cranes and jib cranes all over the world.

Designing materials, components and accessories for overhead cranes in-house and using a short supply chain for the entire manufacturing process enables By Carpel to develop highly functional accessories which are free of defects, made using highly selected materials and to have an highly flexible and fast production. These choices have been rewarded since as far back as 1995, when the CE mark was obtained and applied on all products, and then followed by the ISO 9001:2008 certification for the quality management system.

Manufacturing Made in Italy superior quality products, having light internal procedures typical of an artisan firm, being able to have shorter-than-average delivery times, customize the service based on the customer’s requirements and being able to offer a complete range of accessories for overhead cranes are the cornerstones of the company philosophy that guides By Carpel.

Our values


All By Carpel overhead crane accessories are made entirely in Italy in a short chain production process, in order to ensure the highest quality. This statement is a promise of value to our customers and their expectations in terms of quality and safety of products that they normally use on plants.

Manufacturing our products entirely in Italy means that the company regards quality as a fundamental value. It means to focus on staff, carefully select suppliers and perform accurate product checks. We are aware that our products offer above-average guarantees to all overhead crane manufacturers and maintainers that use them.

Since 1969, we strongly believe in the Made in Italy and the territory our products come from, thus creating a virtuous circle between company, production, territory and future generations, in the continuous effort to maintain over time the quality of our overhead crane accessories and meet the expectations of customers from over 80 countries worldwide.