Carrara Global Sealing Solution

Who we are

A vision started in 1960.

CARRARA S.p.a. was founded over 60 years ago and has progressively become one of the most important European producers of industrial seal systems, specialized in the production of sealing devices for valves, pumps and pipelines.

Our vast product portfolio and know-how are available in over 41 countries and we have had the pleasure to serve over 1,500 customers and distributors across the globe.

It’s our mission to provide the best performing sealing solutions, no matter the industry, use or place. We will deliver the best possible solutions to our clients and we do so by being at the forefront of innovation year after year and by investing in R&D and latest machineries.

Our vision is clear: to become your closest partner and deliver tailor made solutions. We think that great results can be achieved when alignment is reached from the very beginning: starting with a shared ideation, to production, product certification and shipment. Working closely with your team is the sole way to create innovative products that exceeds your expectations.

We know how critical it is to choose sealing solutions correctly, even more so when it comes to gaskets and sealing components. We conduct a thorough assessment of all the variables that determine how to securely solve for an application: from temperature to pressure, from the media to be sealed to the equipment conditions, from the adaptability of our product to its cost.Thanks to our methodical approach, we’ve often exceeded expectations of End users, OEM, EPCC and distributors.

Our values

We work to satisfy our Customers, to retain the strength of our organisation and our ability to produce in order to improve in our industry.

We are a global manufacturer of industrial sealing components engineered for oil & gas, and petrochemical as well as industrial valves fields, and this is what we stand for:

GLOBAL. We fully embrace the meaning of being global through our ubiquitous presence across markets and our unique combination of product portfolio and services designed to solve all your sealing needs.

SEALING. Our number one goal: ideate, engineer and produce sealing products that deliver the highest performing levels possible.We’ve been at it for over 60 years.

SOLUTION. We work hard internally to offer new solutions through constant investments and improvements, and we work closely with you to give you the most customized solutions possible.

It's our ambition to become a reference player for the industrial valves and gaskets market at a global level, satisfying the needs expressed and obtaining the complete satisfaction of Customers.

We continuously improve our performance in compliance with UNI 9001 standard and its periodic updates, raising awareness among personnel on the importance of complying with the rules established through the tools provided by the Integrated management system.

We increase the culture of safety at work through internal training and information in accordance with the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standard.

Our presence around the world