Who we are

C.E.B. Impianti was set up in 1996 to meet the growing need for automated industrial solutions for the washing of industrial containers used in the various industrial sectors, from the IBCs washing and recovery service and drums used for the transport and storage of liquid materials such as hazardous materials and chemicals, or for the production and transportation of paints, inks, silicones, masterbatches, plastics, resins, oil and gas, food and drink, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

For the industry, the activity of washing containers has always been a crucial phase in the various industrial processes, even if the methods of execution adopted were almost never able to guarantee adequate standards.

Therefore, for a good business management it is essential to be able to control certain factors. The most relevant are the following:

- what and how much are the POSSIBLE MANAGEMENT SAVINGS (keeping the costs of the washing liquids used -water, detergents and solvents- under control, or knowing the energy costs involved)

- what results can be obtained in terms of PROCESS PRODUCTIVITY (how many containers can be washed during one 8-hour shift), final result of the containers after the washing and sanitizing cycle

- if the WASHING OPERATIONS are carried out SAFELY (paying attention to guarantee a safe working environment, making sure the washing operations follows the right protocols -especially when washing with soda or solvents-).

As long as this activity is carried out manually, using DIY tools or improvised equipment, it will never be possible for the company to optimize resources to ensure those management standards related to cost control. A high manual component in the washing process also prevents the possibility of obtaining the data necessary for a correct assessment of the costs involved.

The adoption of AUTOMATED WASHING SYSTEMS such as those proposed by C.E.B. Impianti, on the other hand, allows the collection of all the information necessary for the analysis of the costs that a company needs to calculate the RETURN ON THE INVESTMENT MADE and to monitor the management of the washing processes at all times.

At a technical level, C.E.B. Impianti has always offered solutions based on the use of WATER AT MEDIUM and HIGH PRESSURE (at room or hot temperature, also in combination with detergents, sanitizers and soda) or SOLVENTS at LOW PRESSURE. Therefore, depending on the case, the customer can choose among systems starting from 18 bar up to 1000 bar when it comes to water-based applications and at 40 bar with solvent-based washing systems.

Every project is developed and every final product is manufactured on the basis of the PROCESS SPECIFICATIONS PROVIDED BY THE CUSTOMER: C.E.B. Impianti is able to produce SINGLE MACHINES (or combined to be able to process different types of containers), suitable for those companies with a reduced productivity required, as COMPLETE SYSTEMS, offered to those customers who have a need for a high productivity capacity. In both cases, the result does not change: customers will have their containers cleaned at the lowest possible cost, employing as few staff as possible (thus freeing up resources for other activities) and in full compliance with safety standards.

The equipment developed by C.E.B. Impianti mount first quality components and are made in compliance with the CE Machinery Directive for the IP55 versions or following the ATEX2104 / 34 / EU Directive for the solvent applications. Every model can be supplied with special certifications, for example such as those required by countries such as the United States of America (UL), Canada (CSA) and Russia (EAC).

C.E.B. Impianti customers have always been able to count on an AFTER SALES ASSISTANCE SERVICEable to ensure remote assistance (on all those systems on which it is mounted), remote support and technicians able to perform both new machine and plant INSTALLATION SERVICES and MAINTENANCE INTERNVENTIONS quickly and with certainty, guaranteeing WORLDWIDE territorial coverage.

For additional information, please refer to www.cebimpianti.com or send you inquiry to info@cebimpianti.com.

Our values

Right from the start, the DESIGN and PRODUCTION of machines and plants have always been carried out in CLOSE COOPERATION with customers, starting from the SPECIFIC NEEDS of each of them: the high heterogeneity of the production processes in which the solutions developed by C.E.B Impianti can be used, in fact, has always determined a VERY HIGH LEVEL OF PRODUCT CUSTOMIZATION .