Cefla Finishing

Who we are

Surface Enhancement Technology Leader

Cefla Finishing is world leader in the design and production of solutions for painting, decoration and digital printing of countless materials and types of substrate. We invent, innovate, integrate. From the simplest machine to the most complex and complete finishing line, providing a comprehensive range of equipment to satisfy all requirements in terms of productivity and production efficiency.
Experience spanning 70 years has placed us at the forefront of the industry, acquiring expertise in sectors going from wood and wood derivatives to glass, plastic, fibre cement, composite materials and metal. Through process innovation, advanced technologies and specialist software tools, we provide industries with an opportunity to evolve.
Today we are able to build our knowledge into existing situations, creating business partnerships and ensuring integrated solutions which we will design according to client requirements and objectives. 
We have a wealth of patented technologies and are pioneering the digitalisation process to embrace the advantages of Industry 4.0. Our customers benefit from a number of unique opportunities that will propel their business into the future, leveraging the latest innovations and the most extensive knowledge in the finishing industry.

Our values

What are our customers really looking for today?

This is the first question we at Cefla Finishing consider. And the answer can be different for each customer, but the bottom line is usually one and only one: customers want to increase their profits.

Greater profits are the result of increased efficiency, more flexibility, better performance. These can be achieved by acting on many factors and in many ways. A dynamic approach which seeks out the next innovation or the next technology has to be aware of the customer’s real need and respond with a tailored mix of expert consultancy, latest-generation tools and digital solutions. All spheres come into play: digital, virtual and physical.