CENO Electronics technology Co., Ltd

Who we are

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd is a technical company. It has been engaged in Research, Development, Design, Manufacture and Sales in the slip ring field since 2009 and has accumulated abundant experiences and continued to offer high-quality slip rings & professional solutions to many industries and global customers.CENO factory covers 3000 square meters, and registration capital is 5 million CNY.All members of our technical team are senior engineers, had ever worked for local research institution and multinational enterprise in the slip ring field for more than 10 years. In this field, we aimed to offer completed solutions to our customers,from design, manufacturing to sales since we can fully understand customer’s high-quality demand and application.In order to provide professional services to meet high-end markets’ requirements in respective fields such as maritime, defence, automation, radar, aerospace,motion simulator and engineering machinery. To satisfy diversified technology demands, CENO has introduced the comprehensive quality management system since 2015, to strictly control each process from R&D, manufacturing, testing and after-sales tracking.No only count on advanced high precision equipment,also utilize high technology to improve product performance and utilize precise instrument to ensure product quality.CENO electronics is striving to become the leading manufacturer of professional slip rings in the world. Furthermore, we have obtained certification of ISO9001, CE,UL,RoHS and some advanced technology patents. Products sales cover more than 30 provinces & areas domestic, and widely sold abroad such as USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, UK, France, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and so forth. We are providing OEM &ODM services to many well-known companies in the world.

Our values


CENO is a technical company.As the technology leader in the field of slip ring,we realized our opened thinking to innovate new technology on various types slip ring.Our mission is to create unrestricted rotation solutions and optimize rotary solution for any place requires 360° unlimited rotation union and needs transmitting power or signal during its rotation.


In offering solutions for customer applications, we pursue our goals with commitment, passion, dedication and dogged perseverance. We explore new technologies, foster ideas, collaborate at every level and develop ourselves further.We are delighted that our achievements in engineering and extensive technology know-how can open new possibilities for our customers.


Our commitment and determination to continuously improve our services, organizational structures and processes drives our international competitiveness and the satisfaction of our customers today and in the long term.

We set the standard in quality and service internal. We have an uncompromising awareness for quality which is supported by all our employees, to thank for this outstanding position.


We are open and honest and treat everyone with respect and appreciation. We are sincere, stand by our word and accept responsibility for our actions as the foundation for trusting relationships.

Our presence around the world