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Who we are


We are a company that manufactures and develops easy lifting manipulation equipment that can be used in manufacturing, logistics and assembly.

The gripper is designed according to the customer's needs to be able to grasp objects of any shape and position them in any vertical or horizontal position.

The gripper may also be of a vacuum or magnetic type or may carry tools that are too heavy or difficult to handle.

Our products provide the opportunity to optimize work process

a particular virtue of such a product is that it eliminates discrimination against genders, people with disabilities and the elderly

because working with our manipulator is very simple and allows handling of heavy loads without physical effort.

Our values

Centurion d.o.o. trade's activity is engineering specialized in operations in the area of mechanical engineering and production.

Besides gaining practical experience, we put our time and energy into education, so that we dispose over highly educated staff who have gained their many years of experience and knowledge in respectable factories which do their business on the global market.

During years of working on various working places as constructors, CNC programmers and technologists as well as CNC machine operators we've got great experience and all phases of production – process knowledge.

Along with the numbers of goals that we aim at for the improvement and progress of our undertaking, our main aim is to base our business success on our partners' satisfaction.

The motto and the guiding principle of the whole business in our undertaking is innovation,quality,efficiency and reliability.