C.E.R.V. srl

Who we are

We are a benchmark in the field of customized lines and special machines specifically designed to optimize your production process. We provide cost-effective modular and scalable industrial solutions. We help you reduce the production costs, implement fully automated production process, reduce scrap and increase productivity. We have achieved long-term investments goal in global and local companies, in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America and Far East.

We have 45+ years of experience with providing modular and scalable solution and a full set of industrial service to protect your investment during time. A Company involved in servicing, maintenance and repairs of your production line. We are providing pre-sales and after-sales technical support to tailor your production process to fit as a glove on your company and we are proud to protect your investment with our excellent maintenance and service team.

C.E.R.V. srl Automatic Welding Systems has completed hundreds of industrial projects mainly but non only focused on white and home appliance sector. With a long list of products and excellent customer support we are able to guarantee a very high level of satisfaction for our clients. We offer a full set of industrial equipments and services with latest technology, highest safety standards and a never-ending commitment to your product development.


We have been designing, engineering, manufacturing and commissioning hundreds of made to measure machines for almost half century. We have learned how to ceaselessly improve ourselves and our projects, to meet and overpass Customer’s expectations. We now put our know how and expertise at your service, to create a production process in your likeness, fitting like an handmade tailored suit.

- Technical Feasibility Study

- Best Technology

- Tailored engineering

- A-OK Manufacturing

- Layout of Production Area

- Accurate Commissioning

- High quality underskin

- Total testing


The quality system of C.E.R.V. s.r.l. Automatic Welding System is documented and maintained according to requirements defined by the ISO 9001:2015 standard, as well as by our own policy regarding quality control.

Our values


Design, manufacture, and install modular and scalable production systems of high quality and durability, designed to match with the Customer’s needs, able to meet the Customer’s production goals and evolve according to the increasing sales volumes, while guaranteeing an excellent level of technical advisory and costumer service.


Create automated and sustainable production systems that integrate machines and operators in a consistent, efficient, controlled and repeatable production process.


Total Quality

Excellent Service

Focus on Customer