CGR Roulements

Who we are

CGR ROULEMENTS its 75 years of know-how, expertise and reliability in the conception, manufacturing and in uses of specialized rollers and bearings, under the aegis of SKF (until 1995), and for the past 26 years since.
WE ARE ISO 9001 Vs 2015.

From prototype to mass production, from Ø 10 to Ø 250, we supply all sectors of industry: from the automobile industry to suppliers of handling and building equipment, lifts and elevators, agro-food chain (slaughterhouses), etc.
Our customers: manufacturers, automotive suppliers, integrators systems, industrial distributors, design offices.

In addition, CGR ROULEMENTS creates its Electromechanics Division by acquiring FDME Company
FDME has been specialized for 30 years in two main product groups:
ELECTRIC POWER SUPPLIES, for mobile machines (rolling bridges, cranes, harbor cranes, self-propelled machines, all materials for handling systems).
Festoon, Conductor bars systems, Slip rings systems,Cable chains…
HANDLING SYSTEMS: Craneways, Monorails, Tools and gearwagons, Manipulators, Trolleys for hoists, Electrical Engines...
Thus CGR ROULEMENTS and FDME mutually are enriching their skills and complementarity while retaining their identity.

Our values