ChengDu SanJi Technology Co.,LTD

Who we are

SJFRST Has Been Setting New Standards–For Almost 30 Years

SANJI-FIRST,Founded in 1986,started as a manufacturer of packaging materials,After more than 30 years of development-

the current factory has been more than 50,000 square meters,We are the one of the earliest companies engaged in research-

and development and manufacturing of station equipment,storage shelves and intelligent storage systems.

As the forerunner of custom made,We are committed to creating and infinite third source of profit for customers.Integrity,en-

terprising,and dedicated SanJi people have always been pragmatic and innovative,with unique management concepts,first-cl-

ass technical team,professional manufacturing team.More than 20years,Enthusiastic and continuous service to many custom-

ers at home and abroad.Recent few years,The company has developed healthily at an annual rate of 30%-40%,and has won -

wide attention.Now company business has covered 30 cities and more than 20 countries and area,The products widely used -

in aerospace、Military industry、electronic、Electric appliance、communication、meter、Machine、Tobacco,school,me -

dicine,chemistry,chemical,food,textile,ship,logistics storage etc industry.

China SanJi-First has Three manufacturing bases:

ChengDu SanJi Machine Co.,Ltd

Cheng Du SanJi Technology Co.,LTD

BeiJing First Machine Co.,Ltd.

Our values

Sanji Technology is a smart equipment manufacturer with complete equipment,intelligent equipmentmanufacturing enterprise -

with independent research and development capability and perfect production management system,SanJi developing self busin-

ess Simultaneously,With the help of governmentto integrate social resource and Created a Interoperable information network,L-

ead the improvement of the entire sheet metal industry at the same time as the development of the enterprise,realize the princip-

le of“Three-Win”that SanJi Advocated.

"SanJI-First"brand is the well-known brand in China and some overseas markets.Loved by many well known companies at hom-

e and abroad.Since the beginning of the establishment,SanJi People always believe.Only by constantly learning and innovating c-

an we break through ourselves and realize value in order to maintain the company's success and development.

"Our name in china is stands for technological innovation,a consistent

obligation to quality,and a sense for efficiency”

When you work with us,you have a partner you can rely on–for the long term.Our solutions are developed in-house,make a -

sustainable contribution to increasing productivity,and grow to meet the challenges of the future.Our promise:a verifiable in-

crease in productivity.Faster work,higher quality,safer processes–that's what our solutions have to offer.

There for you, around the world.

SJFRST quality is“made in China”–And we sale our products around the business has covered 30 cities and-

more than 20 countries and area,The products widely used in aerospace、Military industry、electronic、Electric appliance、

communication、meter、Machine、Tobacco、school、medicine、chemistry、chemical、food、textile、ship、logistics -

storage etc industry.