Chengdu Yitong Seal Co., Ltd.

Who we are

Chengdu Yitong Seal Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999; it is a high-tech enterprise specializing in designing, manufacturing and marketing dry gas seal and mechanical seal. The main products of our company are mechanical seals, dry gas seals and many kinds of sealing control system, which are applied to rotating equipments, such as high-speed centrifugal compressor, centrifugal pump, and agitator and so on. The annual output of our company is nearly 100, 000 units. Our products have been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, fertilizer, oil refining, papermaking, nuclear power, power plant, metallurgy, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.
Located in the Chengdu economic & technical zone. It occupies about 50, 000 square meters. Now, we have about 280 employees, including 1 professor, 20masters. Among them, over 150 hundred employees have college degree or above. An authority of China fluid sealing industry-professor Gu Yongquan is the chief engineer of our company. The company consists of 11 departments: Marketing department, technical department, R&D department, producing department, QC department, assembly department, financial department, administration department, HR department, logistic department. Among them, the marketing department has 18 offices across the entire country.
Since being established in 1999, we have developed 50 series and 800 sizes of sealing products; of which more than eighty percent are being exported to clients worldwide. Currently, we have an annual manufacturing volume totaling 3 million sets, with all stages of the seal production process being completed in our well-equipped modern factory.
The predominant product of our company is the high-tech dry gas seal (dgs) with independent intellectual property right (patent no. 03234764.2), which has the virtue of energy-saving, environmental and long service life and it has been applied in many domestic petrochemical enterprises, and has created very good economic and social benefit. Our company has the perfect processing, testing and inspecting equipments. We can carry out simulation tests for the mechanical seal and dry gas seal with two kinds of sealing test beds whose speed respectively up to 18000r/min and 36000r/min within 20mpa. Our company has developed the dgs dynamic pressure groove processing equipment. It can process dynamic pressure groove of any shape and depth on the surface of metal material, including sic and tungsten carbide, etc. At the same time, our company has a very strong research capacity, which provides the foundation for developing new products.
Now, the company's seals network has spread all over the country, and the seals of our core products have increased rapidly. In 2004, we passed ISO9001 international quality authentication. In the very same year, we also became a material resource market member of Sinopec, and the first-class network member of petro china. In 2007, we introduced the ERP information management software and achieved initial effect.
Over the years, we have insisted on the principle of "quality fist, service-oriented" to open up markets and make continuous innovations. Our company is committed to sealing industry to industry to provide customers a safe, clean living and working environment.
For more information about our products, or to place an order, please visit our website or contact us directly. We are looking forward to having the opportunity of being able to form a cooperative relationship with your company.

Our values

Since 1980s, the main founder of our company is committed to research and promote the technology of dry gas seal. Chengdu Yitong Seal Co., Ltd., a continuous breakthrough in technology, breaks the Flowserve, Burgmann and Crane John, the world famous manufacturer of long-term monopoly of the Chinese market.

The company passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, QHSAS18001 and other quality system certification.

The company has advanced processing equipment: CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, dynamic pressure groove laser processing equipment, etc.

The company has advanced testing equipment: flat crystal, vertical optical meter, digital spring tension meter, offset pendulum instrument, metal material analyzer, portable HART communication devices, etc.

The company has advanced testing equipment: 0 ~ 18000r/min compressor dry gas seal test bench, 0 ~ 36000r/min high speed test bench, high precision dynamic balance test machine, in accordance with the API682 pump test bench, the reactor test bench, etc.

Our R & D team in technology innovation, so that the centrifugal compressor dry gas seal in many areas has been widely used:

Ethylene plant: cracking gas compressor, ethylene compressor, propylene compressor;
Chemical fertilizer plant: ammonia compressor, synthesis gas compressor, CO2 compressor;
Methanol plant: raw material gas compressor, natural gas compressor, CO2 compressor, synthetic gas compressor;
Refinery unit: catalytic, coking rich gas compressor; hydrogenation refining, hydrogen cracking cycle of hydrogen compressor;
Natural gas power generation industry: natural gas compressor.
Coal chemical plant: synthetic compressor, propylene compressor, carbon dioxide compressor, etc.
Melamine project: carrier gas compressor, air conditioning compressor, exhaust compressor
LNG project: raw gas compressor, propane refrigeration compressor, mixed refrigerant refrigeration compressor etc.

Dry gas seal technology characteristics:

Maximum pressure: 17.2MPa (G)
Maximum temperature: 330℃
Minimum temperature: -104℃
The maximum shaft diameter: static pressure dry gas seal is 380mm, dynamic pressure dry gas seal is 230mm
Minimum speed: 69r/min
Maximum speed: 36000r/min

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