Chiavette Unificate S.p.A.

Who we are

Chiavette Unificate SpA sells its products worldwide and is located in Italy close to Bologna. The Company started its activities over 59 years ago: since then Chiavette always tried to follow the requirements and the developments of this sector and offers products that made and continue to make the history of the Company. From the craft stage during the first years to the industrial production based on high technology, we manufacture mechanical components, which are necessary for the motion of different systems and machineries. The company focuses on continuous improvements, consolidated management and production systems, details accuracy, the central role of people, quick innovation, and service efficiency; these values enable us to reach the customer's trust and transparency.

Our values

Total quality as a habit of mind
it's the way of this company to grant a continual improvement, through consolidated managing systems and efficient manufacturing processes.
The attention to details, the value of people, the innovative capacity, the efficiency of our service, they are the group of values which grant transparency towards our customers and make us deserve their confidence.