Who we are

Dust collectors which are different from traditional products

CHIKO AIRTEC was founded in 1998 in the Kansai region of Japan, and specializes in the miniaturization of fine particulate extractors and air purifiers.

The needs arising from recent technological advances, the discovery of nanotechnology, the development of laser applications and the gradual generalization of micro-processing have led CHIKO AIRTEC to create high performance quality equipment capable of meeting both these needs and the strict requirements of the big Japanese industrial groups.

Our approach consists of designing machines from the customers applications and experiences in order for them to be the most suitable for the real needs of industries. Our dust collectors are thus elaborated in function of industrial issues for a greater relevancy to the production expectations.

On the market of traditional dust collectors, there are quite few models with electrical power at 0,75 KW or less. CHIKO AIRTEC proposes a relevant and various range (150, 250, 400, 450 and 750 W) developed in 14 standard models and their variants.

Our values

Our dust collectors and fume collectors were designed to help you increase profitability and quality of your production while maintaining a clean environment to work.

Very Compact: very comfort for working, lightweight, easy to transport and integrate, dust collectors can be easily placed in tight spaces, all along a production line.

Our goal: maximum miniaturization for a high capacity of suction capacity.

High economic performance: improvement in the time of production downtime, reduced maintenance, energy conservation, preservation of products, protection of production tools, extending the life of filters.
Our goal: reliability, performance and profitability for optimal satisfaction.

Environmental Protection: ensuring the health of users, providing optimal working conditions, reduce energy consumption, improve air quality in industrial areas.
Our goal: protection and respect for the environment throughout the product life cycle.

Our presence around the world