Who we are

 The greatness of perfect motion on a small scale

 CLR has been working for four decades to find perfect motion for our customers. Our job is to achieve precision gear motors and components capable of adapting to small sizes which comply with the most demanding quality standards.

 "We understand your needs, translate them into ideas and manufacture your product"

 Our projects are developed in three main areas; engineering, quality and production. In this way we are able to offer a global solution for the drive needs of every company.

 At CLR, our engineering team is working to find customized drive solutions that meet the specific needs of your business projects and we also have a host of standard gear motors adapted to various sectors. With all this, at CLR we meet our main objective: To move your business on.

Our values


Passion for perfect motion

 At CLR, we know that the quality of our customers’ products depends on each of the parts in them. For this reason, our quality department works painstakingly to get the best performance and meet the highest quality standards in our gear motors and components.


More than 20 years alongside great names in engines

 The quality of our products has allowed us to be part of the most powerful automotive groups. Our experience in this field and the excellent result of our parts has made it possible for major brands to rely on our projects for more than two decades.


Get to know our life cycle testing laboratory

 At our life cycle testing laboratory,we work to adapt projects to our customers’ needs, extending the life of our components for perfect performance for a longer time.Furthermore, our team inspects one by one each gear motor to check its status and ensure that all of our parts comply with the quality standards we work with. At our laboratory, technology and human endeavor come together to provide the highest quality for our projects.

Our presence around the world