ComNav Technology Ltd.

Who we are

ComNav Technology is dedicated to being an innovator and leader in high-precision GNSS technologies and applications. Until the end of 2022, ComNav Technology has sold its products and solutions to more than 120 countries with a total quantity of more than 500,000 units' modules in over 10 different industries, including land survey, machine control, UAV, UGV, deformation monitoring, personnel positioning, precision agriculture, marine.

Our values

It is an R&D-driven company and nearly half of the employees have extensive experience in high-precision GNSS or engineering. Owning more than 60 technology patents and more than 50 software copyrights, ComNav Technology continues to invest at least 20% of annual revenue into R&D every year to pursue the best of GNSS technologies and solutions for global users. ComNav Technology believes that quality, performance and reliability make a difference. Every ComNav Technology product is subject to strict quality control and has been certified by international authoritative certification bodies. Located in Shanghai, the 26,000㎡ ComNav Technology GNSS Industrial Park accommodates more than 500 employees for daily work. With a dedicated team of people who are passionate about GNSS technology, ComNav Technology is committed to providing best-in-class positioning solutions for various applications to delight engineers and users with high-precision requirements.