Conssin Lighting Co., Ltd

Who we are

Since its established in 2007, Fuzhou Conssin Lighting has built a sound reputation for being a specialist manufacturer of LED lights for mining, industrial, commercial and architectural application at domestic and international market.

Fuzhou Conssin Lighting offer clients the benefit of our experience to design, manufacture and deliver a diverse range of LED lighting solutions. We are committed to developing emerging LED technologies that are not only highly beneficial for the environment, but also provide our customers with a long term, maintenance free solution that has a lower lifetime cost whilst improving productivity.

As a highly innovative manufacturer with product ranges across most industries, we are able to design and customise products for specific purposes, ensuring the highest quality solution to virtually any lighting problem.

Our values

At Conssin Lighting our values are integral to the organisation and act as internal drivers. They shape how we conduct our business on a daily basis and ultimately drive our success.

Our values are based around concept of innovation , quality and reliability. Our individual commitment is to incorporate these towards the company achieving its targets and objectives.