Who we are

For over 100 years, COPPUS® Portable Ventilators have been standard bearers of safety, performance and reliability worldwide.  They are well suited to meet the demands of construction, ship-building, maintenance and safety professionals by providing fresh air supply for: drying and curing operations, confined space ventilation, equipment and personnel cooling, as well as de-gassing process equipment, cargo holds and tanks.

We are your air solution.

Our values

Here at the COPPUS® Ventilation group; Honesty, Integrity and Excellence are the values we live and conduct our business by each and every day. 


Equitable outcomes and straightforward dealings are the basis by which our relationships with customers, suppliers, and business partners were built and continue to grow.  This is what makes our work worthwhile.


Those who understand business know it is a challenging endeavor.  Whether the sun shines or the head winds blow, we take pride in remaining true to our values and delivering on yesterday’s promises.  This is what sets our business apart.


Through an unfailing commitment to producing the highest quality products and continuously exceeding our customer’s expectations, we strive to become and remain standard bearers in each of the markets we serve.  More importantly, this is the ruler by which we measure our own success each and every day.  This is what sets our brand apart; this is what makes it a COPPUS®.

Our presence around the world