Who we are

BM Group International ApS is a Danish family-led company that serves the companies within the Metal industry with products and consumables, which make them become more competitive, achieve higher efficiencies and become safer work places.

The Cougartron Weld Cleaners are synonymous with high quality and latest technology. The products were designed from the bottom up, ensuring companies working with stainless steel superior performance, improved passivation and at the end, a better result.

The company is located in Herlev, Denmark, where product development and manufacturing is located. The office in Denmark serves customers around the globe, except from North America and Canada which is served from our subsidiary, Cougartron, Inc; located in Philadelphia.

Our values

The BM Group is commited to our vision:

Developing solutions that are globally recognised for helping manufacturing companies be more productive, safer workplaces and more competitive.

Our presence around the world