Who we are

COUTH® Performance

Manufacturers of marking machines by micropercussion, scratch and laser.
We are the specialist in industrial marking and traceability.

We provide reliable and innovative customized solutions that meet the needs our customers’ industrial marking.
Customer proximity enables us to identify their marking needs.
COUTH® offers high value proposals maximising productivity in the production plants, by means of the speed, quality and efficiency of our micro-percussion, scribing and laser products.
Our own technical support service, along with a network of dealers in over 66 countries, allows us to meet the service needs of our customers and users.

Our values


Our range consists of different configurations for a wide range of marking surfaces and depths according to the sector, material and/or application. Furthermore, as specialists in marking technologies, we can design and manufacture special customized equipment, in accordance with the technical specifications and needs of each customer or user. Feel free to use our contact form so that we can resolve any doubts you may have.

Our profile

At COUTH® we provide innovative and quality solutions, based on the continued contact with our customers and users, and in understanding their needs and expectations. We strive for excellence in our processes, and generating unique and innovative ideas that add value and facilitate their implementation. All of the people that make up COUTH® actively undertake the responsibility of achieving our mission and vision. In order to do this we work as a team and develop best practices, encouraging transparency and ethical values in the way we do things, always respecting the environment.


Innovation is a philosophy that permeates our Organization and is one of the reasons why we are a leading brand in industrial marking and traceability, allocating 7% of our revenue to resources in order to achieve international patents. We understand innovation as something beyond the product, also comprising service and processes in order to generate value for our customers and users. We incorporate innovation as a general pattern of conduct, systematizing the search for new opportunities drawing from market knowledge and, particularly, from the relationship with our users.