Cy.Pag. S.p.A.

Who we are

Cy.Pag. S.p.A. is an Italian company specialized in the production of pneumatic cylinders. We have expanded our business through creating new products line of hydraulic and electric cylinders by evolving and combining our own existing technologies. Since 1995 we count among our clients some of the leading companies operating in the industrial automation sector.
Our company manufactures and commercializes a full range of pneumatic cylinders both standard and stainless steel (ISO 15552, 6432, 21287), aluminium, steel and stainless steel mounting accessories, pre-assembled kits as well as customized cylinders designed by our technical team or designs provided by the customer.
Hydraulic actuators have been developed to meet growing market demand for applications in industrial sector, the components are in accordance with the design standards ISO 6020/2 - DIN 24554 and N.F.P.A / J.I.C. and compact cylinders.
Our electric cylinder is based on the standard ISO 15552. Its outer design and dimensions are very similar to pneumatic cylinders. High performance features such as, high speeds, good positioning accuracy and high repeatability are ensured through a precision ball screw with reduced backlash (preload on request) of the ball nut and non-rotating piston rod. It can be additionally equipped with switches and ISO standard accessories.

Our values


• Manufacturing and supplying products that satisfy the needs of our customers;
• Research & development gives our product value, thus enabling us to offer competitive prices and corporate profitability, which may lead to new investments;
• Constantly achieving operational excellence;
• Conducting our business in a safe, environmentally sustainable and economically optimum manner;
• Employing an innovative and results-oriented team motivated to deliver excellence.

Flexibility, competence, excellent quality/price ratio have been key factors to the success of our company.

Our presence around the world