D'Andrea S.p.A.

Who we are

Leading manufacturer of precision tools for metal machining: milling, turning, drilling, and threading applications.

Located in Italy since its very beginning, the Made in Italy it’s an absolutely key factor in D’Andrea S.p.A. Innovation and research are leading D’Andrea S.p.A to be up to date and competitive in all its industrials sectors: aeronautical and aerospace industry, automotive and motor industry, energy sector, earth movement sector, oil & gas industry, nuclear industry, mold industry, general mechanics.

D’Andrea S.p.A. is represented in more than 50 countries worldwide with more than 150 employees.

Our values

We want to be a reference point, an innovative company that grows while keeping alive the entrepreneurial tradition D'Andrea following the values that arise.

Our mission is to be recognized as a leader in the production of high precision accessories for machine tools developing technological solutions in step with the times of digitization thanks to the work and passion of a team that shares the same values.

Our presence around the world