Who we are

Dardi International Corporation is a high-tech company that is currently in the leading position in China with global influence in the professional R&D, production, sales and technical services of ultra-high pressure water jet technology applications. With more than 6,000 customers and products all over the world, Dardi is the world's most competitive producer of ultra-high pressure application products and equipments. In 1996, China's first water cutter was produced by Dardi. In 2008, Dardi worked closely with Flow Corporation, an international leader in ultra-high pressure water jet technology, to synchronize the global cutting-edge technologies. The cutting-edge products of Dardi have been famous in the global markets, including 5-axis linkage CNC water cutter, robot water cutter, ultra-high pressure water washer, laser cutter and CNC water cutting machining center. Dardi became the chief editor of the ultra-high pressure water cutter industry standards (JB/T10351-2002) and the national standards (GB/T20136-2010) in 2002 and 2010, respectively. In 2015, Dardi engaged in the National 863 Project titled "compound and special high-pressure water jet processing equipment and process for high-temperature materials".

Dardi has the ultra high-pressure water jet technology, CNC intelligent numerical control technology, computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, robot application technology, and safe and efficient energy-saving technology that have always been at the leading level in the industry. Dardi enjoys the reputation of "China's first cutter", and becomes the leading brand with global influence.

Dardi has been a leader in product sales in the international industry. With the product marketing service network covering the world, the products of Dardi are exported to more than 50 overseas countries and regions. Dardi has accumulated the profound industry experience and technology accumulation, and also has a solid user base.

1996: • Establishment of Dardi

• Successful development of first water cutter in China

1999: • Products export to Europe

• Establishment of ultra-high pressure laboratories

2002: • Successful development of China's first waste ammunition destruction system

• Codification of the industry standards for water cutting

2003: • R&D of 60K ultrahigh pressure system

• Production of China's first robot water cutter

2007: • Draft of national standards for "ultra-high-pressure water cutter"

• Engagement in national torch plan key project

2008: • Cooperation with Flow Corporation

• Successful development of water cutter machining center

• Successful development of 5-axis water cutter

2010: • Development of world's first large modular multi-head water cutter

• Release of national standards for water cutter

2013: • Successful development of 4-axis water cutter

• Acceptance of Jiangsu science and technology conversion project

2016: • Engagement in National 863 Project (large double composite 5-axis water cutter for large aircraft composites processing)

• Development of food water cutter

2017: • Establishment of water technology application research institute

Our values

The prospect of the company

The leader of UHP applied technology in China, the manufacturer of first-class waterjet cutting machine in the world

Ultrahigh-pressure high-tech, fine processing of new creation

The Core Value of the Company

Integrity, Professionalism, Creation, Superiority

Integrity-- Integrity dedication, the customer first

Professionalism-- To create an ultra-high pressure applied talents, specializing in ultra-high pressure applications, research and manufacturing

Creation--Take professional technology as the core, market demand-oriented, well-designed, excellence, and innovation

Superiority-- To create the best cost-performance, durable and refined products, and implement full-service and achieve self-transcendence