Who we are

DAV Tech is an Italian company focused in the designing and manufacturing of components and systems for industrial fluids dispensing.

Grown over the years, DAV Tech does not want to introduce to the customers as a simple supplier of standard parts, but as a partner with
whom to collaborate to develop any kind of application, with a relationship that is established by the offer and tests, is expressed in the order
and at the development of the contract, but continues with the necessary support in postsales service, with the supply of any spare parts
for immediate delivery.

The product range starts from dispensing valves, with various operating modes and materials, which are feeded from tanks or follower plate
pumps, pneumatically or electrically drived.

Great attention is paid to the accessories of the systems, like process control sensors, feeding tubes, standard or tailor made nozzles.
In this way is possible to design a complete system, tested and guaranteed, to give to the customer one single supplier and all the
technicals assurances.

Our values

Precision, accuracy, reliability... for our customers we go the extra mile.

Made in Italy.

Our presence around the world